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XML-Editoren und -IDEs

The Open XML Editor is a freely available tool for XML document editing. It includes a built in XML wellformedness tester and DTD validator.

Peter's XML editor

Cooktop is a free XML editor for Windows. Cooktop is an editor and development environment for XML, DTD, and XSLT documents.

XMLmind XML Editor is a validating XML editor featuring a word processor-like view in a Standard Edition free of charge.

Vim as XML Editor

NEdit ist ein universeller Texteditor für Unix/Linux mit LaTeX-Mode

Linkliste für XML-Editoren aller Art

The Xerlin Project is a Java based XML modeling application written to make creating and editing XML files easier

XRay is a free XML editing enviroment. Now in its second major release, XRay provides support for XML Schema (XSD) and an integrated online XML tutorial system.

Linkliste für XML-Editoren aller Art

UniCMS XML Editor des CMS der Universität Zürich

Vex - A Visual Editor for XML

Website zu XSLTransformations (XSLT)

David Silverlight's wie unser Spotlight

Butterfly XML Editor

Apache FOP

Völlig losgelöst - Entwicklungsumgebung Eclipse - Architektur und Plugin-Entwicklung

Lepido Tools for Apache Cocoon

Spring IDE


Linkliste mit DocBookAuthoringTools

XML Namespaces Tutorial

GETOX is a project developped by IDEALX. This software aims at giving users the ability to write XML files without having advanced knowledge of XML concepts. It should also allow users to produce valid documents at any time.

XMLFox is a graphical XML editing and validation tool for creating valid, well-formed XML documents and/or XSD Schema. It includes an XML View, XML Tree, XML Grid, and XML Script modes for editing, as well as extensive find capabilities for text and XML data. Additional features include XML and Schema Validation, standard editing features, XSD Schema building and more. The XMLFox is written for .NET Framework 1.0..
Xeena is a generic Java application from the IBM Haifa Research Laboratory for editing valid XML documents derived from any valid DTD.

Pollo is an XML editor best suited to edit tree-like XML files. The thing that puts it most apart from other XML editors is its colorful tree-widget.

Bitflux-Erklärung zum UniCMS der Universität Zürich

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